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You and your child will find that YBR is a warm and welcoming school where students from a diverse range of backgrounds quickly become integrated into our school community. With over 1,300 children in the school, we cater to families from the entire spectrum of the Melbourne Jewish Community. Central to the Chabad ethos upon which the school is built, is warmly embracing every child, and respecting each family’s individual level of observance. Children and parents at YBR form strong friendships which often grow into lifelong bonds.

YBR has an experienced and expert team of educators dedicated to working closely with new students. New students are well supported and within a few months of joining the school, have generally acquired Hebrew language skills and a sound Jewish studies background. In fact, many of our students who come from government schools thrive in our Jewish Studies and Hebrew lessons, thoroughly enjoying the experience of becoming familiar with their culture and heritage.

A Jewish education is fundamental to Jewish involvement - it is a critical element in the continuity of Melbourne’s Jewish Community. A Jewish education in the holistic atmosphere of a quality Jewish Day School, will imbue in your children a strong sense of Jewish identity and pride in their culture. At YBR not only do they become knowledgeable and literate in Judaism, they will learn and develop a deep appreciation and love for Jewish life, values and traditions. Research has shown a strong correlation between intensity of Jewish education and Jewish affiliation. Jewish education helps produce Jews who are more communally involved, connected to other Jews, religiously active, and connected to Israel.

Yes! YBR is growing at a rapid rate, attracting new families from wide range of backgrounds due to the exceptional quality of our educational and student welfare offerings. In 2014, 63 new families joined YBR and they are delighted with their decision. Yeshivah Primary is our fastest growing division, with increased enrolments of more than 30% since 2011.

At YBR we believe that excellence is best achieved through the development of independent thought. Our dedicated and highly qualified staff encourage every child to accept the challenge of learning within a well-resourced and positive environment. YBR has an extensive range of curricula and a range of co curricula subjects including a range of science, maths, humanities, arts, business studies, IT, languages, numerous VET offerings and others. Our co-curricular program offers a vast array of programs from instrumental music lessons and ensembles, competitive sport, public speaking and debating and so much more. Our results speak for themselves. Our Jewish Studies program is benchmarked against the best Jewish schools in the world and our VCE and NAPLAN results continually rank among the best in the State. Many of our students go on to take up study in the University course of their choice and our graduates include some of the most successful and highly regarded community leaders and professionals in the State.

Creating Access, Promoting Success

CAPS stands for our commitment to provide a top quality Jewish and General education that is accessible to the broader Melbourne Jewish Community.

The ever rising Jewish Day School fees has made access to a Jewish education increasingly prohibitive and often impossible. Affordability of Jewish education is one of the greatest challenges we as a community face today. We also understand that many families don't feel comfortable to ask for fee discounts. Yeshivah - Beth Rivkah Colleges are addressing this challenge with the launch of a bold and barrier- breaking program linking school fees to family income. YBR CAPS sets the maximum fee that you will be charged for all your children at school based on your household income. Just go to the home page and complete the online calculator for an indication of what your total fees will be under CAPS. It’s dignified, transparent, fair and simple.

From the comfort of your own home, simply enter your income and assets into the CAPS online calculator to see the indicative annual cost of your school fees for all your children at YBR.

If your household annual income remains the same, the CAPS amount, once confirmed by the school, is the total and final annual fee you will pay excluding other levies and charges. There are no ‘loan’ arrangements where parents accumulate debt year after year only to be claimed back later by the school. Nor is there a payback system of any sort. The CAPS fee covers the entire annual school fees for all your children in school, with the exception of a subject and security levy of approximately $800 per child (subject to change each year) and other fees that may apply such as camps and excursions. There are no hidden or additional costs. CAPS enables you to plan for the future with certainty.

CAPS fees are always calculated as a percentage of combined annual family income, thereby maintaining affordability at all times. The fee stands is regardless of the number of children attending the school and is capped for eligible families at between 8% and 18% of your total annual household income. The less a family earns, the lower the school fees charged. Furthermore, the fee will be frozen at that level for 6 years for new students commencing in 2015 unless your family’s income changes. So, if your family income increases your CAPS fee will increase proportionately. Similarly, if your income drops for any reason, your CAPS fee will drop, keeping the fee fair and affordable at all times.

CAPS applies to current YBR families as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. Simply log on to the YBR CAPS calculator. Parents who have received fee assistance in the past will receive their username and password via email. If you have not received this information, or have misplaced it, please call our fee office on 9522 8222 or email

Family Freedman have children in Prep, Year 3 and Year 7 and have a combined income of $130,000. Once the school confirms that the Freedman family qualifies for CAPS, they will only pay a total of $13,000 per year under the CAPS program, rather than the unaffordable $44,000 they would have been charged under a full fee system.

Each year, they will be asked to submit their CAPS application, and their fees will change only if their income changes. So, if their income increases to $140,000, the CAPS fee would increase to $14,000 per annum. Similarly, if their income reduces to $50,000, the school fees would drop to just $4,000 a year – for all three children combined. The Freedman’s are comfortable in knowing that this is the total fee ever expected of them – no loans, no paybacks! They are giving their children the education they deserve with dignity, financial viability and long term comfort and security.

Absolutely not. If your income stays the same, the CAPS fee amount, once confirmed by the school, is the total and final annual school fee you will pay excluding other levies and charges that may apply. There are no ‘loan’ arrangements, nor is there a payback system of any sort. The CAPS fee covers the entire annual school fees for all your children in the school, with the exception of a school levy of approximately $800 per child (subject to change each year) and other fees that may apply such as camps and excursions. The balance of the fees are written off. There are no hidden or additional costs.

You are eligible for CAPS if you have:

  1. A combined household income of less than $350,000 per annum (for divorced parents, this includes any child support received) and

  2. Maximum of $350,000 equity in investments, such as an investment property, share portfolio etc.

The primary family residence is excluded from the investment calculation. We encourage you to use the CAPS Calculator to find out if your family is eligible for CAPS.

Yes. New students who are accepted into the CAPS program in 2015, will continue to be eligible for CAPS for a minimum of 6 years as long as your household income and net assets excluding the family home don’t exceed $350,000 All you need to do is complete the CAPS calculator once a year and submit the required documentation.

No! Your CAPS fee covers all children attending the school from Prep to Year 12 and does not increase when additional children join the school.

On the calculation page you will be prompted to provide responses to various questions about your household income for the financial year ended June 2014. You will be required to enter the following information:

  • Net assets, excluding your primary residence and borrowings on your primary residence.

  • Gross Household earnings- this includes income such as salaries and wages, fringe benefits, interest, dividends, business income, investment income and any other income.

  • Child support payments

  • Centrelink payments

  • Support you receive from family or other sources

  • Company or Trust income from a business you operate or of which you are a director or trustee.

On the fee calculation page you will be prompted to enter the household income for both parents of the children. In the case of divorced or separated parents, the household income includes all income of the household where the child primarily resides, including step parents' income. You must also include any child support you receive from your ex-partner.

After you have logged in and entered the required financial information, you will be prompted to upload a PDF copy of both parents’ most recent tax returns. If either parent is self-employed or has their own business, you will also be required to upload your tax returns for any companies or trusts of which you are a director or trustee. If you do not have scanned copies of your tax returns, you will be able to submit the tax returns in hard copy to our fee office at 88 Hotham Street, East St. Kilda.

There are two parts to the CAPS calculator. The first does not require a login, and is completely anonymous and used solely for the purpose of providing you with an indicative CAPS fee. YBR do not know who fills it in, nor is that information stored in any way. Once you have logged in, using enrolment details provided by YBR, the information is used only by the YBR fee office to confirm your final school fee and is treated in the strictest confidence. The information is captured and stored in a secure space. It will not be used for any other purpose other than to determine school fees and will not be disclosed to any other party.

Once you have entered all the relevant information and calculated your indicative CAPS fee, you will be prompted to enter contact information and/or request further information. Once your contact information is submitted a YBR representative will provide you with the additional information requested, or arrange a time for you to come and take a tour of the school.

Your CAPS fee is a fixed percentage of your income. For new parents commencing in 2015, the CAPS percentages will be guaranteed for 6 years. You will be required to resubmit your income details every year and your fee will change only if your income changes. If your income changes significantly during the year (greater than 15%) you will be required to notify the fees office to adjust your fee.

Each year you will be required to resubmit your income via the online calculator. This is because your CAPS fee is a percentage of your income. As your income changes, the fee will change in line with the CAPS percentage. If your income remains static, your CAPS fee will remain unchanged for 6 years for new students commencing in 2015.

New parents to the school will be issued a username and password once the enrolment process has been completed. Parents who have children enrolled in the school already, will be emailed their username and password. If you have not received this information, or have misplaced it, please call our fee office on 9522 8222 or email

If the CAPS calculator says you are not eligible, you will be invited to leave your contact details for the College to contact you and discuss your specific circumstances. The school will endeavour to reach a fee agreement with you that is fair and affordable according to your individual circumstances.

No. We welcome students into the school at any point during the year. However we do encourage parents to enrol in YBR as soon as possible to ensure that you and your child are able to benefit from our comprehensive pre enrolment induction opportunities.

Once you have received your username and password, you will be required to login to the secure part of the CAPS website to complete the information. We will aim to finalise your CAPS fee within 3 business days of receiving your information. YBR retains the absolute discretion to determine your final fee. If there is insufficient information for YBR to determine the CAPS fee, a member of our fees office will be in contact with you for a confidential discussion.

Your information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third party or organisation. Any financial or personal information provided to the CAPS program will only be used to determine CAPS eligibility and will not be shared with any entity, for any purpose.

Yeshivah Beth Rivkah offers a number of scholarship and subsidies options which may apply in addition to your CAPS fee. For further information please contact our office on 9522 8222 or email

CAPS applies to all students from Prep to Year 12 at Yeshivah Beth Rivkah Colleges. It does not include tuition costs at our Early Learning Centres, Preschools or Crèche’s.

Please contact our Parent Liaison, Mrs Michelle Blutman on 9522 8222 or email We will be happy to provide you with more information and arrange a tour of the school.

If you are having trouble completing some of the questions please contact our fee office on 9522 8222 or email we will be able to guide you through the various areas of the website to ensure you receive an accurate fee outcome.

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